How to enable cookies in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6.0

From within Internet Explorer:

  • Click on "Tools"
  • Then click "Internet options"
  • A new screen will appear

  • Click the "Privacy" tab
  • Click the "Advanced" button.

  • Check "Override automatic cookie handling"
  • Select "Accept" under both "First party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies"
  • Also, check "Always allow session cookies"

  • Click "OK" out of internet options - close all your open IE6 windows and restart Internet Explorer

Older Versions of Internet Explorer

Click "Tools" from the taskbar at the top of the browser screen

Select "Internet options" from the drop-down menu 

Click on the "Security" tab 

Click on the "Custom Level" button 

Scroll down to the "Cookies" section

Make sure that "enable" is selected under both 

Allow cookies that are stored on your computer and allow per-session cookies (not stored)